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TestEquity chambers have a unsurpassed 3-Year Parts and 1-Year Labor Limited Warranty

Dew point and condensation

Dew Point is the temperature at which moisture will condense out of the air. If the temperature of any surface is at or below the dew point temperature then dew will form.


TestEquity Models 107, 115A, 115R, and 123C have been certified by TÜV Rheinland to meet these safety standards for the USA and Canada.

RS-232 Troubleshooting

Are you using the correct cable? Is the baud rate set correctly? Does your software communicate using the Modbus RTU protocol? Get all the answers to the most common questions.

About Thermoelectric cooling /heating

Thermoelectric modules are solid-state devices that convert electrical energy into a temperature gradient, known as the "Peltier effect".

Water recirculation system

TestEquity W100 Water Recirculation System provides a reliable source of demineralized water for the humidity system, using ordinary tap water.

Our chambers are proudly designed and built in the USA which allows for faster fabrication turnaround.

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Every project includes budgets and timelines. We offer multiple purchase options to ensure you meet both. You can buy new, used, rent, or even lease our test chambers. We understand that sometimes you need to avoid the costs of owning, repairing, and calibrating portions or entire labs of test and measurement equipment. Nonetheless, a well-maintained test chamber can withstand the test of time. Many times, purchasing new is the best choice. Call, email, or connect with us. We enjoy talking about testing solutions to confirm you get what you need.