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The JENSEN GMTK features top quality tool control utilizing the highest quality cross-linked foam. Jensen Tools JTC-15232 GMTK Tool Kit in Heavy Duty 6 Drawer Case A TAA/Berry Compliant, modernized, soldier-portable tool kit.
Table Mat Cleaner Desco Reztore® Alcohol-Free Formula Surface and Mat Cleaner Save 10%. Maintain longevity and performance of your ESD mats.
COVID-19 Deltatrak Forehead Thermometer Accurately ensure stable temperature readings
Anti-Static Hand Lotion Menda Reztore® ESD-Safe Hand Lotion Save 5% and help lower skin electrical resistance.
IPA, Reagent grade, flammable, critical cleaning, covid-19, coronavirus The Camß digital magnification and documenting system Handheld, portable, rechargeable, with up to 20x magnification.
ESD-Safe Protection Simco-Ion AEROSTAT® Benchtop Ionizer Blower with Heater Directed ionization designed for both workbench or in-tool areas.
This kit offers a comprehensive mix of aerospace grade tools housed in the cutting edge and in versatile Jensen/GT Explorer Tool Chest. Jensen Tools JTC-15169 Mobile Avionics General Mechanics Kit A complete mobile solution for general avionics maintenance and repair