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NEW - Touch-Screen controller

F4T Touch Screen Controller for TestEquity Environmental Chambers is a 4.3 inch TFT projected capacitive (PCAP) color graphic touch screen.

F4t Cascade control option

Cascade Control is the technical name for a multi-loop control system where the air temperature  set point is determined by deviation of the part temperature from its set point.

Watlow composer config.

Speeds up and simplifies commissioning. Create and archive profiles. Create and archive controller setup. Connects with controller easily via Ethernet.

F4t controller compatibility

The F4T has an F4 Compatibility mode that allows you to use software that was written for the original F4 Controller. Only a limited set of parameters are available in this compatibility mode, but it should be sufficient for most applications.

F4T programming resources

Learn about various communications possibilities available with the F4T Controller. From native ethernet interface, testing modbus TCP, Testing SCPI command using PuTTY and more.

F4T Firmware Updates

What’s new, enhancements, bug fixes, get the latest firmware updates for your F4T controller.


TestEquity chambers use programmable controllers which are manufactured by Watlow Electric. The F4 Controller's native interface is RS-232 and use the Modbus RTU protocol.

F4T Data logging

Data Logging with transfer via USB Flash Drive or LAN can be enabled at any time and will log a fixed list of parameters to a .csv file.

Series F4 Controller(original)

Legacy F4 controller, originally developed in 1998. For modern features and improved functionality, we recommend the F4T Touch Screen Controller.

Our chambers are proudly designed and built in the USA which allows for faster fabrication turnaround.

Reliability, precision, and durability with every chamber.



Every project includes budgets and timelines. We offer multiple purchase options to ensure you meet both. You can buy new, used, rent, or even lease our test chambers. We understand that sometimes you need to avoid the costs of owning, repairing, and calibrating portions or entire labs of test and measurement equipment. Nonetheless, a well-maintained test chamber can withstand the test of time. Many times, purchasing new is the best choice. Call, email, or connect with us. We enjoy talking about testing solutions to confirm you get what you need.