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Ethernet Converter

TestEquity Model 1056 Ethernet Interface Converter is a specialized Ethernet to Serial Interface that provides Modbus RTU packet communication to adapt the F4 or F4T Controller used on TestEquity chambers to a network.

Dry Air Purge

What is dry air purge? Dry air purge is a heatless reginerative desiccant air drier that takes moisture out of “shop air”

F4 event Relay

Events allow you to turn devices on or off with the F4 controller. Can be switched manually through the controller’s front panel, in a profile step and via a computer.

GN2 Purge

What is GNU purge? GN2 is Gaseous Nitrogen that creates dry atmosphere in the chamber.

Retransmit Output option

Retransmit output option for environmental chambers provides scaled analog output. It is NOT a computer interface.


GPIB communications is achieved through an ICS Electronics 4809 and GPIB-to-Modbus Interface Converter which has been specifically designed to work with the Watlow F4 and F4T controllers.

Glove ports

TestEquity Glove Ports for Models 1016 and 1027 consist of two 8" glove ports with rubber gloves in the front door to permit handling of test samples with the door closed.

TE-1055 ethernet converter

TestEquity Model 1055 Ethernet Interface Converter  is a specialized Ethernet to Serial Interface that provides Modbus RTU packet communication to adapt the controllerd used on TestEquity chambers to a network.

Our chambers are proudly designed and built in the USA which allows for faster fabrication turnaround.

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Every project includes budgets and timelines. We offer multiple purchase options to ensure you meet both. You can buy new, used, rent, or even lease our test chambers. We understand that sometimes you need to avoid the costs of owning, repairing, and calibrating portions or entire labs of test and measurement equipment. Nonetheless, a well-maintained test chamber can withstand the test of time. Many times, purchasing new is the best choice. Call, email, or connect with us. We enjoy talking about testing solutions to confirm you get what you need.