BOGO Charge-Guard, Surface & Mat Cleaner Wipes Special Promotion Buy One Get Another Package Free! Dri-Shield® 2000 Series Alcohol-Free Formula. Moisture Barrier Wipes Removes dust, grease, grime, fingerprints, solder flux and other contaminants from ESD mats and other surfaces. (Part no. 10052977 includes two packages of the SCS 8004 wipes offering you a total of 50 wipes for the price of 25) Valid Till June 30, 2021
Weller's WX Bundle Promo Saves You up to 30% 7 Ways to Save in this New Year. From January 1st through June 30th 2021, Save up to 30% on WX Bundles. You’ll find sets for every application, from heavy-duty applications with the largest components to miniature under-the-scope work. These kits come outfitted with the quality and reliability you expect from Weller. • WX series soldering iron with fast heat-up times • Reliable WX model power units • Award-winning, MIL-SPEC compliant active tip technology
Kolver's Popular FAB Drivers Come with Free Power Supply We are thanking our loyal customers by giving away a FREE controller with the purchase these FAB series torque drivers. Covers a wide torque range from .44 in/lb to 33.6 in/lb. FREE EDU1FR is a standard single output power supply
Free Power Supply 2021 This Popular Promo Rolls On for 2021! Savings up to $1400. Free Power Supply for ASG DC Torque Tools.
Promo Details Specify Promo Code when ordering. Applies to Series A, BL, BLG, CL, SS, SSCR, and TL Drivers. Call 800-225-5370 for more details or to quote.