Kester 300403 TSF-6522 No-Clean Tacky Soldering Flux, 30GR Syringe

Manufacturer Part Number: 300403
Part Number: 141-189
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Product Features
  • Contains halogen
  • For leaded applications
  • High tack values and long tack life
  • Leaves bright/shiny solder joints after reflow
  • Can reflow in air or nitrogen environments
  • Classified as ROL0 per J-STD-004
  • Compliant to Bellcore GR-78
Product Description
Kester TSF-6522 is a no-clean tacky soldering flux formula designed to be used with a rotating disc, a doctor blade, or a drum fluxer. Kester TSF-6522 can also be used in dot dispensing for BGA/PGA sites or in a rework application for surface mount packages. Kester TSF-6522 maintains its activity and dispensing characteristics for up to 8 hours and can be used in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. Kester maintains the highest standards by manufacturing TSF-6522 under a vacuum environment.

Click Here to Read the KESTER TSF-6522 Data Sheet

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