Electrician Tool Kits:

These kits provide industrial strength tools and test equipment for the craftsman and trade professionals.

Klein Tools 92914 Apprentice Tool Set, 14-Piece

Electronic Equipment Installation & Service Kit in Soft-Sided "Tote" Case. This 14-Piece tool kit gives the trade apprentice a solid foundation of tools to begin their career. The set includes four sets of pliers, a wire stripper/cutter, two nut drivers, five screwdrivers and a nylon tool pouch and belt to carry them all.

Wiha 32935 Tool Kit, Journeyman Electrician, 30-Piece

The Wiha Journeman's tool set has the tools electricians and technicians need to get the job done plus the peace of mind of using individually tested, 1,000 Volt Rated, Insulated VDE screwdrivers, pliers, and nut drivers. The set contains common tools for electricians like "tweaker" sized precision drivers.

Wiha 32934 Tool Kit, Electrician Apprentice, 16-Piece

The Wiha Industrial apprentice tool set has the tools you need to get started as an apprentice electrician with the added safety of using individually tested VDE screwdrivers. The set contains common insulated screwdrivers used by electricians, "tweaker" sized precision screwdrivers.