Chemtronics CW2200STP Circuit Trace Conductive Pen with Standard Tip

Draw Highly Conductive Silver Traces, Jumpers & Shielding
Manufacturer Model Number: CW2200STP
Part Number: 237CH200
Former Part Number: 127-474
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Circuit Works Circuit Trace Pen For more information about this and related products, see Circuit Trace Pen.
Product Features
  • Quickly & precisely creates conductive silver traces
  • Solderable at low temperatures
  • Dries in minutes at room temperature
Product Description
Use it on printed circuit boards to link components, repair traces, make smooth jumpers and shield delicate components. The conductive ink adheres to all printed circuit board materials, and is fully conductive after twenty minutes. Resistivity is .03-.05 ohm/sq @ 1 mil. Pen comes filled with enough silver conductive ink to make 100 ft. of conductive traces.