How to Select a Foam-Filled Case

Foam-Filled cases are filled with layers of dense 2 lb. foam. Most equipment can be shipped with 2" of foam surrounding the item. Measure piece(s) of equipment to be shipped. Add 4" to each dimension; length, width and height. If more than one piece of equipment is to be shipped in the same container, allow 2" of foam between items.

Foam-Lined cases are lined with 2" of dense 2 lb. foam on all sides. To determine usable space, subtract 4" from each case dimension (I.D.). For example, an 18 x 18 x 18" foam-lined case would be ideal for a 14 x 14 x 14" piece of equipment.

JENSEN foam-filled cases are offered in a variety of styles and sizes to suit individual needs and preferences. We can also provide custom foam cutting on quantity orders. For information call 800-426-1194.

Glossary of Terms