Glossary of Case Terms

Accessories - Items not offered as standard equipment.

ABS - Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Styrene. A styrene plastic material used as an outer laminate for shipping cases.

Anti-Static Foam - Specially treated Polyethylene foam that is resistant to the effects of static electricity. Used with circuit boards.

ATA - Air Transport Association of America. The ATA sets standards for commercial airline shipping cases and containers.

Blow Mold - A polymer is extruded through a die, then pinched off by a mold. The part is formed by air being injected into the cavity, forcing the polymer to contour to the cavity walls.

Blue Label - Second Day air shipment by UPS.

Brown Label - Surface shipment via UPS.

Caster - Another term for wheel.

Cordura - High-tenacity nylon made by DuPont.

Cubed Foam - or "diced" foam. Polyester foam that has been cut into 1" cubes with the corners still attached. Provides the ability to "pluck" cubes to achieve the desired shape. Cutting the foam is not necessary.

Density - The relative compactness of the form cell structure. The higher the density the more weight it can support. Density is measured in pounds.

E.I.A. - Electronics Industries of America.

Extruded Aluminum - A part created by pushing heated aluminum through an opening in a die.

Girth - With regards to a 6-sided case, the sum total of the shortest dimension x 2, plus the next to the shortest dimensions x 2, plus the longest dimension. Girth is used to determine size freight-ability.

Hardware - Latches, hinges, handles, etc., used in a case.

Hasp - Small metal structure on the outside of a case that allows for a padlock to be attached.

I.D. - Inside Dimension of a case.

Injection Molding - Manufacturing process where plastic is forced into a mold cavity under pressure.

Latch - Mechanism used to secure the lid and body of case. Common types are "flip" and military-style latches.

Lid - The upper portion of the case.

Lid-Stay - Hinged metal device that connects between the lid and body of the case. The stay prevents the lid from extending further than 90 degrees.

Military-Style Latches - Also known as ¼ turn drawbolt latches.

Next-Day Air - The shipment of product via an air carrier that can ship today for tomorrow delivery.

O.D. - Outside Dimensions .

Orange Label - Third Day shipment by UPS.

"O" Ring - Inserted in valance for an improved seal.

Pallet (Tool pallet) - A series of pockets sewn onto a flat panel that hold unique sets of tools. Pallets are installed in specially designed hard and soft-sided tool cases.

Partition - A divider or separator within a case, typically made of plastic.

Poly - Polyfoam, Esterfoam or Polyester foam.

Polyethylene Foam - Rigid, high-density foam used in case interiors.

Polyurethane Foam - Less rigid than polyethylene foam. Used in case interiors.

Red Label - United Parcel Service's Next Day Air.

Rotational (Roto) Molding - A process utilizing plastic powder in a spinning mold cavity to produce a part by heating and cooling. The Benefits of Rotational Molding include one-piece multi-wall construction, captured threaded inserts, thick-walled outside corners and relatively stress-free parts.

Second-Day Air - Ship it by a specified time on Monday and your package should arrive by a specified time on Wednesday.

Spring Loaded Handle - Also known as military style handle. A spring mechanism retracts the handle - flush with the case - when not in use.

Tongue-and-Groove - A generic term for the male and female valance extrusion.

Vacuum Formed - Case is shaped by heating a material against a vacuum mold or form.

Valance - Aluminum frame that is attached to the lid and body of the case. When the lid is closed, the tongue-and-groove design secures the case closure.

L x W x D - Abbreviation for Length, Width and Depth.