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Vision Mantis Stereo Viewing System Soak up the Savings with Vision's Summer Mantis Promo Save $250 on each Mantis system or choose free accessory bundle.
Xuron Maxi-Shear® Heavy-Duty Flush Cutters Xuron's 2175 Shear Cutter Delivers more Cuts at a Better Value Save up to $3 per cutter on this sturdy little tool.
Protektive Pak Vertical Reel Holder Protektive Pak Plastek™ Vertical Reel Holders Space-saving, economical method of storing SMT reels.
Lecroy WaveSurfer 3000 Digital Storage Oscilloscopes Free Bandwidth Upgrade and free software from LeCroy and JENSEN Buy a 750MHz WS3074 scope for the price of 500MHz and receive over $6000 in free options.
Jensen Tools Safety Glasses with Clear Anti-Scratch Lens JENSEN Safety Glasses Offers a lightweight, clear anti-scratch lens.
Pace MBT250-SD Thru-Hole Assembly and Repair System PACE Solder and Desolder Stations Save over 5% on our bestselling systems from PACE.
BEVCO INTEGRA-E Series ESD-Safe Ergonomic Chairs BEVCO INTEGRA-E Series ESD-Safe Chairs Generous sized seat and medium back with independent adjustments.
DYKEM CROSS CHECK Tamper Proof Torque Seal DYKEM® CROSS CHECK™ Torque Seal Use to visually detect loose nuts and bolts.
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