WP286 Edsyn WIGAPRY Desolderin g Aid

Manufacturer Model Number: WP286
Part Number: 330SO286
Former Part Number: 118-958
Shipping Weight: 0.02 pounds
Quantity Price
1 - 19 $10.30
20 - 49 $10.09
50 - 99 $9.79
100 or more $9.27
Availability: Special order
Edsyn Micro "Pry-Bar" For more information about this and related products, see Micro "Pry-Bar".
Product Description
Permits you to remove components, DIPs and wires from printed circuit boards fast and without damage. One end has specially shaped slotted hook that fits under ICs and components for gently prying them off circuit board. Other end has hole that fits over wires to wiggle them loose.