Buy WT Station, Get Free Erem Tool

BOGO Buy One, Get One Erem Promotion Feb-May 31st
  • Customer visits our Weller Rebate Center at
  • Upload proof of purchase (Distributor Invoice).
  • Choose the Erem hand tool (Erem hand tool fulfilled by Weller).
  • Final rebate submission by June 30, 2019.
Our first 2019 national Buy One, Get One Promotion of the year featuring the WT Line soldering stations is here. From February through May, for every qualifying WT soldering station purchased, customers can receive one free qualifying Weller Erem® hand tool.

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This offer is good February 1st through May 31st with final submission by June 30th, 2019.
Part No.ModelDescriptionPrice
486-285WT1010HN1-Channel Power Unit 150W w/WP120 and WSR201$552.00
486-286WT1010N1-Channel Power Unit Digital 95W w/WTP90 and WSR200$423.23
486-287WT1011HN1-Channel Power Unit 150W w/WP200 and WSR200$574.00
486-288WT1011N1-Channel Power Unit 95W w/WP65 and WSR201$382.04
486-289WT1012N1-Channel Power Unit Digital 95W w/WSP80 and WSR201$364.53
486-290WT1013N1-Channel Power Unit Digital 95W w/WP80 and WSR201$386.72
486-291WT1H T00534356991-Channel Power Unit 150W$281.00
486-292WT1N T00534346991-Channel Power Unit 95W$224.49
490-162WT2010M2-Channel Power Unit Digital 150W w/WTP90 and WSR200$708.00
490-163WT2021MS2-Channel Power Unit Digital 150W w/WMRP MS and WMRT MS$1,099.00
490-161WT2M2-Channel Power Unit Digital 150W$438.00
Buy One, Get One Promotion