31-Piece Coax Adapter Kit

  • Make any adapter you need
  • Tested to 1GHz
  • High content silver and gold plating
Shown with RG-58 cable not included
Part No.DescriptionPrice
701-300Coax Adapter Kit, 31 pc.$185.25
701-048RG-58 Cable, 4’, accepts adapters both ends$48.96
701-320Adapter Connector, connects any two adapters$9.14
701-322Male BNC Adapter$12.95
701-324Female BNC Adapter$12.95
701-326Male N Adapter$13.95
701-328Female N Adapter$13.95
701-330Male UHF Adapter$10.95
701-331Male TNC Adapter$10.95
701-335Female TNC Adapter$10.95
701-337Male SMA AdapterCall
701-339Female SMA AdapterCall
701-340Male Mini-UHF Adapter$10.95
701-342Female Mini-UHF AdapterCall
701-344Male F Adapter$10.95
701-346Female F Adapter$10.95
701-348Male RCA Adapter$11.95
701-350Female RCA Adapter$11.95
Shown with RG-58 cable not included.