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Tektronix MDO3EMBD Embedded Serial Triggering and Analysis Module

Manufacturer Model Number: MDO3EMBD
Part Number: 480-536
Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
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Availability: Special order
Tektronix MDO3000 Options and Application Modules For more information about this and related products, see MDO3000 Options and Application Modules.
Product Description
Enables triggering on packet-level information on I2C and SPI buses as well as analytical tools such as digital views of the signal, bus views, packet decoding, search tools, and packet decode tables with timestamp information.
*Application modules are purchased as stand-alone products and can be purchased at the time of initial MDO3000 purchase or at any future time. Application modules have licenses which can be transferred between an application module and an oscilloscope. The license may be contained in the module; allowing the module to be moved from one instrument to another. Or, the license can be contained in the oscilloscope; allowing the module to be removed and stored for safekeeping. The license can be transferred back to the module for use in another MDO3000 oscilloscope. Transferring the license to an oscilloscope and removing the module permits the use of more than two applications simultaneously.