Techni-Tool® Swiss High Precision Tweezers

Ideal for the Electronics Assembly Industry
  • Anti-magnetic/anti-acid stainless steel
  • ESD safe
  • For electronic assembly
Ideal for the exacting demands of fine electronics assembly and repair, precision tweezers from Techni-Tool are available in hundreds of different sizes, shapes and materials, including stainless, titanium, non-sparking brass, carbon steel, even Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum super-alloy and diamond-coated tips.
Part No.StyleOverall LengthQualityPrice
758TW446Sharp Strong 00-SA4 3/4Swiss$22.95
758TW450Strong Serrated 00D4-3/4"Swiss$27.13
758TW915Mini 3-SA2-3/4"Swiss$28.78
758TW247Mini 5-SA3"Swiss$24.05
758TW490Extra Fine 5A4-1/2"Swiss$24.45
758TW462Blunt 2A4-3/4"Swiss$22.78
758TW498Curved Sharp 7-SA4-1/2"Swiss$30.53
758TW607Reversing 7X4-1/2"Swiss$45.35
758TW330Cutting 15AGW4-1/2"Swiss$49.50