Techni-Pro LR6 AA Battery, 1.5v Ultra Alkaline Series, Non-Rechargeable

Manufacturer Part Number: LR6
Part Number: TNP-AL2A-EA
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Product Description

Techni-Pro batteries are engineered for professional equipment – remotes, flashlights, cameras, clocks, wireless devices, toys & more.

  • Chemical systems: Alkaline Manganese battery, Zinc-manganese dioxide
  • Nominal voltage: 1.5v
  • Designation: IEC&GB (China) AL2A
  • ANSI Number: AA
  • Storage life of batteries are ten years at 20C +/- 2C and RH 60 +/- 15%.

Tips for battery useage:

  • Select correct size and grade of battery most suitable for intended use.
  • Replace all batteries of a set at the same time.
  • Clean the battery contacts and those of the equipment prior to battery installation.
  • Remove batteries from equipment which is not in use for an extended period.
  • Remove exhausted batteries promptly.

Techni-Pro TNP-AL2A-4P (AA) Product Datasheet

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