Techni-Pro 758TW0254 ESD Plastic Tip Tweezers, Style 2A, Carbon Fiber Tips A2ABCF, Curved, Round, 5.1''

Manufacturer Part Number: 758TW0254
Part Number: 758TW0254
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Product Features
  • Our products under the brands Techni-Tool, Tec-Cut, Techni-Stat, and many others have merged to one brand, Techni-PRO. All the product specifications and functionality remain the same.
  • Plastic replaceable tip tweezers
  • Round head with flat and curved tips
  • Carbon Fiber reinforced ESD Plastic
  • Non-magnetic Stainless Steel
  • Good corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts and acids
  • Perfect tip geometry with precision tip symmetry and balance
  • Non-scratching Plastic tips
  • Laser welded tail to grant parallelism and long life
Product Description
Type 2ABCF Plastic replaceable tip tweezers are suitable to applications which require holding a flat component firmly. The curved geometry provides maximum visibility. The Carbon Fiber reinforced ESD Plastic provides the tweezers with ESD and non-scratching properties.

Carbon fiber tip tweezers combine the precision of metal tweezers and the softness of plastic tweezers. They cost more than other tweezers, but expensive and delicate components require special handling. Heat Resistance 464°F/240°C. PEEK tip tweezers are very hard with a very high wear resistance. Heat resistant to 260-300°C. Excellent resistance to chemicals and aggressive agents and excellent resistance to thermal aging.
Quick Change Tip Tweezers
Specifically designed for the electronics industry, these ESD-safe tweezers are made of anti-magnetic, anti-acid stainless steel with replaceable tips.
Flat curved smooth tips to prevent marring. 4-7/8" OAL.
Carbon Fiber Tip

Techni-Pro 758TW0254 Tweezers Datasheet

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