Techni-Pro 758TT980 Monitoring Kit Continuous ESD With Mat

Manufacturer Model Number: 758TT980
Part Number: 758TT980
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Product Features
  • Our products under the brands Techni-Tool, Tec-Cut, Techni-Stat, and many others have merged to one brand, Techni-PRO. All the product specifications and functionality remain the same.
Product Description

Eliminate checking mat ground connections. Eliminate wrist strap testing. Eliminate the need to log results. Check wrist strap grounds, mat grounds and monitor ground continuously. Continuously verify the resistance of the operator and workstation ground connections. The monitor uses a reliable resistance method that actually includes the operator's skin resistance to determine if the system is operating properly. This is the ideal way to protect your electronic projects from harmful static charges. 10mm snap.
Kit includes: Dual constant monitor system, dual conductor fabric wrist band, 5' dual conductor coil grounding cord, 2' x 4' blue triple layer table mat with snap fasteners and wrist strap grounding system, and 1 oz. Techni-Tool ESD hand lotion.