Techni-Pro 758ST8507 Portable Wrist Strap Tester Low/Good/High Lights

Manufacturer Part Number: 758ST8507
Part Number: 758ST8507
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Product Features
  • Our products under the brands Techni-Tool, Tec-Cut, Techni-Stat, and many others have merged to one brand, Techni-PRO. All the product specifications and functionality remain the same.
Product Description
Simply connect the grounding wire and press the pad. If the grounding system is safe, the green "GOOD" lamp will light up and an audible signal will be heard. Can be used anywhere to quickly and easily check a variety of grounding systems. Ensures employee safety. Eliminates product defects caused by static electricity. Unit quickly & simply checks all the following:
1) Wrist straps & grounding wires.
2) The contact resistance between the wrist strap and the skin.
Specifications Resistance: low, <500K Ohms; good, 500KΩ-10MΩ; high, 10MW. Measures: 3-1/5" x 4-1/2" x 1-1/2". Power: 9V battery required.