Techni-Pro 758CH311 Scratch Brush, Conductive, Toothbrush, Titanium/Aluminum, 3 Row, 6-7/16"

Manufacturer Part Number: 758CH311
Part Number: 758CH311
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Product Features
  • Our products under the brands Techni-Tool, Tec-Cut, Techni-Stat, and many others have merged to one brand, Techni-PRO. All the product specifications and functionality remain the same.
Product Description
A conductive brush with 0.008" medium-stiff Commercially Pure Grade 2 (CP2) Titanium brush wire and a hand-laced aluminum handle. The Titanium wire fill material is hand-laced with stainless steel wire into its handle for maximum retention and durability. This high-quality brush has a 3 x 11 row configuration, with a 7/16" trim, and a brush face of 1-1/4" x 5/16". Titanium brushes are used to avert galvanic corrosion when applied to other titanium parts. The small size makes these brushes ideal for use in confined areas

Aluminum handle toothbrush style scratch brush with 1 or 3 rows of bristles, hand-tied into the handle for maximum bristle retention.

Fill Material: Conductive .008 Titanium
Trim: 7/16"
Rows: 3 x 11
Handle: 6-7/16" x 3/8" .

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