START International ts-1975 PEAK TS-1975 Full Focus Measuring Loupe, 7X

Manufacturer Model Number: ts-1975
Part Number: 432-737
Shipping Weight: 0.25 pounds
Your Price: $65.40
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Product Features
  • 360 degree clear acrylic base admits light from all directions
  • Comes with measuring reticle, carrying case and lens cleaning cloth
  • Fully coated for color corrected flat field viewing, removable glass reticles with black scales
  • Smooth helicoid twist focus mechanism
  • Focuses from +2 to -2 diopters to give you a sharp image
  • 7X maginification
  • .71"(18mm) lens diameter and .94" (24mm)
  • 3 lens optical system
  • .005" scale division with 26mm scale diameter 0.5" measuring range
  • 1.42" diameter x 2.44" height (36 x 62mm)