Gender Changers

  • Slim design, fully shielded
  • Male-to-female models save connector from wear
Part No.DescriptionPrice
502-320D-37 F to F$6.13
502-237D-37 M to M$6.26
502-265D-25 F to F$2.80
502-250D-25 M to M$2.43
502-215D-15 F to F$2.29
502-255D-15 M to M$2.87
502-900D-9 F to F$3.29
502-290D-9 M to M$2.85
502-737D-25 M to F Connector Saver$2.59
502-736D-9 M to F Connector Saver$3.22
502-732HD-15 F to F$3.83
502-733HD-15 M to M$4.27
502-735Cent 36 F to F$7.00
502-734Cent 36 M to M$6.91