Tektronix Encore: Tektronix Certified Used Test Equipment.

Tektronix Encore, Used Test Equipment, Good as New – Tektronix Factory Certified

What are Tektronix Encore Products?

Tektronix Encore products are reconditioned to factory specifications and meet the same high standards of quality that you've come to expect from Tektronix. You never sacrifice performance when purchasing a Tektronix Encore product

Tektronix Encore used test equipment is Tektronix Factory Certified.

That means each instrument is factory-calibrated and equipped with the latest firmware for optimal, like-new performance. All Tektronix Encore instruments are backed by the same warranty as new equipment – the ultimate assurance for your investment in Tektronix quality at affordable pricing.

Tektronix Encore products are originally from:
  • Former demonstration units
  • Special events such as the Olympics or trade shows
  • Excess factory inventory
  • Customer returns

Tektronix Encore allows you to buy directly from the factory at great savings. We understand that your budget constraints may affect your ability to buy new, so we provides Tektronix Encore products that will do the job at prices that won't break your budget.

Key Benefits of Tektronix Encore Products:

  • New Product Performance
  • Attractive Prices
  • New Product Warranty
  • Outstanding Appearance
  • Availability/Delivery
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