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Optimize Process Controls and Slash Procurement Costs with Tailored Inventory Management Program.

Inventory Management Solution Tagline

Inventory Replenishment Scanning

        Efficient and Flexible

  • Automate your inventory replenishment processes
  • Meet your business’s unique operations, product type, seasonal fluctuations and demand forecasts
  • Ensure that the quantity of SKUs remain at optimum levels

High-Density Vidmar Storage

        Ideal for Restricted Space

  • Flexible drawer configuration options create the ideal product organization
  • Easily rearrange your drawer layout to meet evolving storage and retrieval needs
  • Enclosed cabinet feature helps safeguard against contamination
  • Protect high-dollar products from damage and loss with locked drawer feature

Point-of-Use Dispensing Solutions

        Enjoy 100% Secure Inventory

  • Point-of use inventory closer to desired work area increases productivity
  • Versatile reliable dispensing of wide-ranging tools, MRO products and production supplies
  • Reliable data intelligence with accurate, real-time reporting for better forecasting and planning
  • Controlled access with 24/7 availability of mission- critical products

Hybrid Solutions

        Tailored to Fit Your Operations

  • Hybrid configuration solutions meet your specific business needs
  • Multiple access points brings  products closer to work areas
  • Keep high-dollar items secure, and high movers easily accessible.

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Real Savings

Purchasing savings: Cut just one purchase order for the entire contract period. 

Freight savings: Consolidation of weekly shipments eliminates freight expenses on individual shipments.

Product savings: Pre-negotiated pricing and quantities save you money on each order.

Inventory savings: Reduce your stocking levels and save on carrying costs. No manual inventory management needed. No per-order transaction fees or hidden costs.

Production savings: Avoid downtime due to stock-outs and late deliveries. Reduce requisition cost by automating your ordering process. Replenish in just minutes!

Personnel savings: Free up your employees to handle more business-critical tasks.

Improved Process Control:

Reserved inventory: We stock and reserve your products in our warehouse at agreed upon quantities. Then we restock your locations automatically based on actual usage. No more calling around to search for products!
Reliable data intelligence: Real-time reporting with an employee tracking feature for better forecasting and planning.
Process standardization: Getting everyone to use the company-approved ordering method just got easier.
Dedicated customer service: Help with products, pricing and more are just a phone call away. Your local account manager is always available for in-facility consultations, product demonstrations and technical support.

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