SCS 770751 Limit Comparator for Dual Combination Tester

Manufacturer Model Number: 770751
Part Number: 486-648
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Product Features
  • Calibration unit for SCS 770750 dual combination tester
  • Eliminate tester downtime verifies on-site that your dual combination tester is operating within tolerances
  • Calibrated with certificate included
Product Description
Frequency of recalibration should be based on the critical nature of those ESD sensitive items handled and the risk of failure for the ESD protective equipment and materials. In general, SCS recommends that calibration be performed annually. Use the SCS 770751 Limit Comparator to perform periodic verification (once every 6-12 months) of the SCS 770750 Dual Combination Tester. The Limit Comparator can be used to check the test limits of the Dual Combination Tester without removing it from the factory floor.