SCS 724 Dual-Wire Workstation Monitor Kit

Ensures Operators and Work Surface are Properly Grounded
Manufacturer Model Number: 724
Part Number: 105ST427
Former Part Number: 409-641
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Product Features
  • Audible and visible alarms
  • Monitors operators and work surface continuously
  • Includes operator's resistance in test circuit
Product Description
Monitors, operator resistance: system uses a dual conductor wrist strap cord to include the operator's resistance in the test circuit are functioning properly. Resistor bypass warning: If the current limiting resistors are bypassed a yellow light flashes. Dual grounding path: Dual conductor system provides redundant ground paths with an effect similar to wearing two wrist straps. This means that your product is not exposed to ESD-even if one conductor fails. Monitor work surface: Work station monitor also checks its own connection to ground, and the grounding of a work surface, (part no. 126-454 is needed to ground mat with monitor). Optional stand-by jack (Model 3057) allows operator to unplug the wrist strap when leaving the station, without activating the alarm. Optional dual remote splitter (Model 733) allows monitoring of two operators working at two separate stations or surfaces. Operates on 120VAC and comes complete with dual conductor jack, power supply, hardware, and instructions. Wrist straps and cords not included. Monitor can only be used with the wrist straps and cords listed below. Designed to work with SCS static-disipative mats: 3-layer vinyl 8200 series and 2-layer rubber 8800 series.

SCS 724 Monitor User's Guide