• High-intensity fluorescent lamp: 4X more efficient than incandescent
  • Meets OSHA standards
Stubby worklights are ideal for getting into small openings or tight turns. 13W fluorescent lamp is safe to handle, won't get hot, no danger of burns. Produces as much light as a 60W incandescent with lower energy consumption and bulb life up to 10x longer (10,000 hours typical). Full-length reflector for non-glare illumination. Constructed for rough-service with Lexan outer tube and protected power switch. Includes metal mounting hook. Optional magnetic mounting clamp provides added convenience. 115VAC. 408-141: Standard "Stubby" worklight with 25' power cord. 191-757: "Stubby II" Includes all features of the standard "Stubby" with the addition of reflected end lighting similar to a conventional flashlight for seeing into tight places. 191-129: "Stubby" worklight on a fully grounded steel power reel with 40' retractable light cord and 2' line cord. 895-525: Lights a greater area than a 150W incandescent bulb for 1/10 the electricity. 15W fluorescent lamp is replaceable and protected by shatter-proof insulated enclosure. 25' cord, hanging hook. 115VAC. 20 x 1-3/4".
Part No.DescriptionPrice
191-129Stubby Worklight w/40’ Power Reel$135.71
408-141Stubby Worklight w/25’ Cord$52.97
191-757Stubby II Worklight w/25' Cord$55.91
191-659Magnetic Mounting Clamp$8.27
191-327Replacement Lamp Assembly$9.69
895-525Fluorescent Trouble Light$55.97