Rip-Tie C-04-050BLK Rip-Tie Cable Catch 1" X 4" Black 50 Per Package

Manufacturer Part Number: C-04-050BLK
Part Number: 679VD004
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Product Description

Adhesive backing permanently adheres to any smooth, flat surface. CableCatches have a convenient pull tab for fast and easy release. The Rip-Tie CableCatch allows the user to change or move cables easily just by pulling the tab - only one hand is needed. Rip-Tie CableCatches are available in 10 colors. This allows for easy identification of cables by color.
• Anchor cords, cables and wires neatly along surfaces and out of the way.
• Acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive securely attaches to equipment racks, desks, or walls.
• Peel-away backing makes the CableCatch easy to use to install.
• "Soft Hold" of the CableCatches successfully maintains the integrity of the cable performance, and offer easy & reliable way to organize high performance data cable without using nylon ties.
• One quick pull of the tab releases the bundle for easy rearranging and quick equipment set-ups.
• Re-usable and environmentally friendly, no more throwing away nylon cable ties. Non-Stocking Item. May Require Additional Time To Ship.