Knit-Stat™ Anti-Static Inspection Assembly Gloves

  • Nylon + conductive carbon/nylon yarn
  • Mico-knit fingertipsfor maximum dexterity
  • Uncoated glove for maximum breathability, lowest resistance
  • Static dissipative HBM ANSI/ESD SP 15.1CAFE` resistance 10⁶-⁷
  • ESD Safe to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014
Constructed of continuous stretch nylon and carbon filament fibers. Knit-Stat™ gloves can be used wherever gloves with ESD properties are required and cleanliness is a concern. Wrist length. Color coded cuffs for size designation.

Click Here to Read the KAS ESD Technical Bulletin

Part No.SizeColorPackage QTYPrice
437-703SmallWhite Cuff Hem12 Pairs/Bag$24.91
474-915SmallWhite Cuff Hem1 Pair$2.98
437-704MediumGreen Cuff Hem12 Pairs/Bag$25.81
474-916MediumGreen Cuff Hem1 Pair$3.06
437-705LargeBrown Cuff Hem12 Pairs/Bag$24.91
474-917LargeBrown Cuff Hem1 Pair$3.06
437-706X-LargeYellow Cuff Hem12 Pairs/Bag$26.70
480-499X-LargeYellow Cuff Hem1 Pair$3.09