Psiber LE85M LanExpert Fiber/Copper Analyzer Multimode

Manufacturer Model Number: LE85M
Part Number: 475-466
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Psiber Fiber/Copper Inline Network Analyzer For more information about this and related products, see Fiber/Copper Inline Network Analyzer.
Product Description
The LanExpert 85 network analyzer provides expert assistance for all tiers of LAN installers, technicians and managers working with either copper or fiber media. An extensive suite of test capabilities include: Link Detection, Ping and Trace Route to verify network connectivity; Single Ended or Inline Packet Monitoring, Filtering and Capture to identify and solve complex problems; User defined Traffic Generation and structured RFC 2544 Stress Test to predict network performance under varying load conditions; Loopback, VoIP and Email tests to ensure proper performance of key network services. The LanExpert is a single solution for network professionals to quickly maintain and optimize networks from the fiber or cable to the packet.