Psiber CT50 CableTool, Multifunction TDR

Manufacturer Part Number: CT50
Part Number: 613VD250
Former Part Number: 418-845
Shipping Weight: 1.13 pounds
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Psiber CableTool  Multifunction TDR For more information about this and related products, see CableTool Multifunction TDR.
Product Features
  • TDR, Volt Meter & Tone Generator
  • Measures distance to shorts/opens to 2500 feet
Product Description
The CableTool Multifunction TDR is for installing and maintaining metallic cabling. It utilizes TDR technology to quickly determine the distance to a cable fault (open or short) in feet or meters. Over 65 pre-stored standard cable NVP values and four user defined values are included. A voltage measurement capability up to 250 Vrms is provided to warn the user of potentially unsafe test conditions and to identify the type of circuit under test. Additionally, a tone generator function with selectable tones allows for cable tracing with most tone probes. The CableTool includes standard banana jack connectors which are compatible with a wide range of leads or connectors for testing any cable type. Unit includes four AA batteries and alligator clip leads.