Psiber 65 Pinger Plus Network IP Tester

The Pinger Plus is the First Low Cost Tester to Provide Gigabit Link Testing
Manufacturer Model Number: 65
Part Number: 420-917
Shipping Weight: 1.80 pounds
Your Price: $363.89
Availability: Special order
Psiber Pinger Plus Network IP Tester For more information about this and related products, see Pinger Plus Network IP Tester.
Product Features
  • Identifies 10/100/1000 baseTX Link signals
  • Verifies LAN connectivity by transmitting/receiving Pings at either 10TX or 100TX speeds
  • Stores up to eight programmed profiles that can be Pinged individually or successively
  • Verifies LAN operation at a remote location over the internet
Product Description
The Pinger Plus is an ideal tool for quickly testing proper LAN operation after completing a Move, Add or Change (MAC). Trouble calls are easily handled by verifying Link connection and running the comprehensive Ping test. Resolve "I can not connect to the Internet" problems with the DHCP Client mode that ensures a DHCP Server is available and displays IP Address assignment. Remote office support can be provided by connecting the Pinger Plus to the LAN at the remote office trouble point and Pinging the tester over the Internet.