Minigrabber® Test Clip to Stacking Banana Plug Patch Cord

Minigrabber test clips feature gold-plated beryllium copper contacts and a durable molded housing. Standard banana plug features a molded body with stacking capability across the axis and into the back of the plug. The beryllium copper spring is heat-treated and hard nickel-plated. Heavy insulated, 20 AWG wire test lead wire is rated for up to 300V.
Part No.ModelDescriptionColorLengthPrice
181-6013782-12-0Minigrabber® to Banana PlugBlack12"$7.79
400-5413782-12-2Minigrabber® to Banana PlugRed12"$7.79
181-6023782-24-0Minigrabber® to Banana PlugBlack24"$7.79
181-6033782-24-2Minigrabber® to Banana PlugRed24"$7.79
243-5213782-36-0Minigrabber® to Banana PlugBlack36"$7.89
181-6053782-36-2Minigrabber® to Banana PlugRed36"$7.89