Pomona 4771-36-0 Banana Plug To .025" Square Receptacle Plug, 36" L, Black

Manufacturer Part Number: 4771-36-0
Part Number: 33527.1
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Product Description

4771 Square Pin Receptacle To Banana Plug


  • Cable: 22 AWG Wire, 0.064in (1.63mm) O.D.
  • Excellent as a jumper on circuit cards with 0.6 (.025) sq. pins and equipment with 4.2 (.166) dia. pin jacks
  • Mates to Model numbers 5790, 4521, and 5360
  • Standard Colors: 4771-0 (Black), 4771-2 (Red)

Note: (1.63mm) O.D. Rating: For CE compliance and for personal safety, do not hold in hand when voltages exceed 30 Vrms/ 42.4 Vpk/60 Vdc or current exceeds 8A maximum. Maximum voltage for hands free use: 30 Vrms/42.4 Vpk/ 60 Vdc or current exceeds 8A maximum. Do not use on circuits where transient stresses can exceed the rated voltage. 3A, +122F (+50C) max.