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Polyester ESD-Safe Wipes

Four Edges are Ultrasonic Cut and Sealed
  • Non-abrasive
  • High absorption
  • Low particale generation
  • 100% filament polyester with static dissipative fibers
  • Laundered and packaged in a class 10 cleanroom
Static dissipative fibers attract and dissipate the charge, locking any residual charge into the fiber. The structural character of the material allows for maximum absorbency and minimal abrasion resistance. Excellent for general cleaning in cleanrooms, electronic areas, laboratory and industrial manintenance where static sensitive devices are present.
Part No.DescriptionSizeWipers/Pkg.Price
441-973Polyester ESD-Safe Wipes9" x 9"150$72.45
441-974Polyester ESD-Safe Wipes12" x 12"75$70.14