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Soldering Tips

Available for most popular soldering stations
Manufactured from high grade copper stock machined to precise size. First, the tips are iron plated to resist solder erosion, then nickel plated for maximum corrosion protection. Chromium plating is then applied to further immunize the unwetted surfaces of the tip. Finally, the tip is tinned to provide maximum wetting and efficient heat transfer.

Interchangeable with Hakko T18 Series Tips

Soldering tips for Hakko 926, 928, 936-9, 936-12, 937 and FX-888 stations and 900M, 900MESD, 907, 907ESD and FX-8801 soldering irons.
Part No.ModelDescriptionPrice
140-178HS-4791Hakko Part No. T18-BR02$9.49