New Arm Evac Filters

Save Money with Drop In Replacement Filters
  • Combo Filters are manufactured from non-plastic, eco-friendly materials that can be safely disposed of (or recycled), without processing.
  • Filters are produced using an extremely sturdy corrugated cardboard casing that is much more durable and less prone to air leakage than its predecessor.
  • We now include 1 Pre-Filter with every Combo Filter … previously, customers had to buy the Pre-Filter separately, as an add-on.
  • Best of all, List Prices have been dramatically reduced
Pace has recently made major improvements and design changes to our Combo Filters and Pre-Filters for the Arm-Evac 105/200/250 series of Fume Extraction Systems. As a result, some key Filter part numbers will be discontinued and replaced by new Filters whose specifications are identical to the originals.
Part No.ModelDescriptionReplaces Mfg No.Price
486-9108883-0932-P1General Purpose Filter Pkg-18883-0931-P1$132.87
486-9118883-0922-P1Cleanroom Combo Filter Pkg-18883-0921-P1$225.57
486-9128883-0952-P1Adhesive Combo Filter Pkg-18883-0951-P1$180.25
486-9138883-0112-P5Pre-Filter for Arm-Evac Pkg-58883-0111-P5$29.87
Old design Pre-Filter P/N 8883-0111-P5 is NOT compatible with newer style Combo Filters and will be available indefinitely for discontinued Filter P/N's: 8883-0901-P1, 8883-0921-P1, 8883-0931-P1, 8883-0951-P1