O.C. White TKSZ-FA-F Binocular Stereo Zoom Microscope Artic Arm Fluorescent Ring, Prolite Series

Manufacturer Part Number: TKSZ-FA-F
Part Number: 886IN533
Shipping Weight: 30.67 pounds
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1 $2,035.00
2 $1,933.25
3 - 4 $1,892.55
5 or more $1,872.20
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Product Description

Choice of Fluorescent Ring w/Glare Free Full Spectrum Bulb, Adjustable Halogen, Fiber Optic Annular or Fiber Optic Dual Point Illuminators!

Binocular and Trinocular systems include: 45 Degree Stereo Zoom body, 0.7x - 4.5x, 22mm WF-10x Eyepieces w/protective eyeguards, 0.5x Auxillary lens, ESD-Safe, Parfocal Zoom. Trinocular Systems also include: 0.5x and 1x CCD Adapter, Focus arm, All related cables and power supplies. (China)

Ring Adapter Specs:Optical Magnification: 7x - 45x; Video Magnification: 15.6x - 100.2x; Field of View, Optical: 28.6mm - 4.8mm; Video Field of View: 12.7mm - 2.4mm

0.5 Aux. Lens Specs:Optical Magnification: 3.5x - 22.5x; Video Magnification: 7.8x - 50.1x; Optical Field of View: 57.2mm - 9.6mm; Video Field of View: 33.4mm - 4.8mm

Base Style:Articulating Arm (Clamp On Style); Lighting Options:Fluorescent Ring