Green Lites™ 7" x 5.25" LED 4-Diopter Magnifiers

A Myriad of Colors
  • Adjustable-angle task light with 43" reach for workstation lighting
  • 7 x 5.25" glass lens provides 2X magnification
  • Surface-mount LED lights with 8W output and adjustable direction for illumination
  • Transformer accepts 100-240V (50/60Hz) input power, auto-detected
  • UV models offer dual purpose UV LED's
  • Made in USA
Part No.ModelLensColorPrice
474-62082400-4-B4 DiopterBlack$507.48
474-62182400-4-W4 DiopterWhite$515.97
461-04282400-4-BL4 DiopterBlue$528.69
461-04182400-4-B4 DiopterOrange$528.69
482-58682400-4-USA4 DiopterUSA$529.95
590-20982400-4-B4 DiopterRed$528.69
701-04582400-4-UV-BR4 DiopterBlazing Red$599.00
590-52382400-4-UV-B4 DiopterCarbon Black$599.00
700-02782400-4-UV-CM4 DiopterCharcoal Mist$599.00
594-13882400-4-UV-W4 DiopterWhite$599.00