Connection Validation Upgrade Kits and Irons

  • Improved temperature control: Metcal’s SmartHeat® inside means lower risk of overshooting delicate components
  • Very fast heat-up speed means you can get to your next task even faster
  • Ergonomic lightweight hand-piece keeps you comfortable even on large industrial jobs
Part No.ModelDescriptionPrice
489-589CV-UK1Upgrade Kit CV Advanced Handpiece and Stand$226.35
489-590CV-UK4Upgrade Kit CV Precision Tweezer Handpiece and Stand$392.95
489-591CV-UK6Upgrade Kit CV HTD Handpiece and Stand$226.35
489-592CV-UK7-HTDUpgrade Kit, Solder Wire Feeder HTD Hand-piece with Work-stand and Solder Wire Feeder Unit$673.40
489-593CV-UK7Upgrade Kit, Solder Wire Feeder Advanced Handpiece, with Work-stand and Solder Wire Feeder Unit$673.40
489-594CV-H4-PTZCV Precision Tweezer Handpiece Only$305.59
489-595CV-H6-HTDCV High Thermal Demand Hand-piece$139.00
489-596CV-H7-HTDHigh Thermal Demand Hand-piece for CV Solder Wire Feeder System$249.40
489-597CV-H7-AVSolder Wire Feeder Advanced Hand-piece for CV System$249.40