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PWR-4™ solvent cleaners are ideal where a safer, non-flammable, and cost effective aerosol cleaner is required. This innovative cleaner is much safer than the four most common industrial solvents: TCE, nPB, Perc and  Methylene Chloride and quickly blasts off oils, greases, fluxes, silicones, dirt and grime.

  • Non-flammable
  • Much safer than most common industrial solvents — TCE, nPB, Perc & Methylene Chloride
  • Powerful cleaner — Ideal for degreasing and contact cleaning
  • Available in aerosol or bulk for vapor-degreasing, ultra-sonic and bucket cleaning


  • Heavy-duty degreasing
  • Contact cleaning
  • Flux removal
  • Cleaning: relays and switches, transformers, electric motors and generators, electronic controllers, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, circuit breakers.


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