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Buy a case of MicroCare flux remover and get the TriggerGrip free of charge

MicroCare™ Flux Removers & TriggerGrip™
Cut Time & Save Money:

Buy a case of MicroCare flux remover and get the TriggerGrip free of charge
The risks of not cleaning circuit boards and other sensitive electronics are real. Harmful flux can compromise reliability and product life. There’s a better way to clean so you don’t waste time and money. TriggerGrip™ PCB Cleaning Dispenser from MicroCare eliminates over spray, use slashes cleaning fluid consumption by up to 66%, and reduces unhealthy fume exposure.
The tool, which clips easily onto MicroCare aerosol flux removers, enables a thorough wet-scrub-rinse-dry process in seconds, so all you need is at your fingertips. This easy-to-use tool is ideal for cleaning after rework and repair, especially with hard-to-clean lead-free materials.

For a limited time, get TriggerGrip and Bench Mounting Kit ($59 value) free of charge when you purchase a case of MicroCare flux remover.

Part No. Description
MCC-DC1-PROMO  No-Clean Flux Remover, Aerosol, 10 oz., 12/Case
MCC-DC115A-PROMO No-Clean Flux Remover - VeriClean, Aerosol - 15 oz., 12/Case
MCC-FRC-PROMO FRC Flux Remover "C" , Aerosol, 10.5 oz.,12/Case
MCC-BAC-PROMO IPA-Based Flux Remover Aerosol 12 oz.,12/case
MCC-PRO-PROMO Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover, Aerosol, 12 oz., 12/case
MCC-PRO16A-PROMO Alcohol-Enhanced Flux Remover- ProClean, 12/case
MCC-UFR10A-PROMO Universal Flux Remover, 12/case
MCC-PFR10A-PROMO Polar Flux Remover for Lead-Free, 12/case
MCC-VOC10A-PROMO VOC Free Flux Remover-Ultraclean, 12/case
MCC-EC7M-PROMO Slow Drying Flux Remover (Citrus), 12/case
MCC-PW210A-PROMO PW2 Power Cleaner, Aerosol, 10.5 oz., 12/case
MCC-SPR-PROMO SPR Super Clean Defluxer, Aerosol, 12 oz., 12/case
MCC-SPR19A -PROMO Heavy Duty Flux Remover - SuperClean - Aerosol - Economy Size, 12/case

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