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Electro-Mechanical Tool Kit 
Jensen is proud to introduce JTC-17. This new and improved version of the already famous JTK-17, features all the same essential tools you can expect from JENSEN®. Our new Tri-Lobe screwdrivers come standard along with a new GT-Line case that provides corrosion-proof, waterproof, ultimate protection to your valuable tools. The high density, two-colored, precision cut foam assures you’ll never leave a tool behind. 

New Scredrivers.png

New Tri-Lobe Screwdrivers

Over 100 of the most-requested electro-mechanical tools, including our new ergonomic, high-quality Tri-Lobe screwdrivers


New GT-Line (IP 67 Rated) Waterproof Case

New GT line (IP 67-rated), waterproof case – ideal for use in the harshest environments, including industrial, aeronautical, nautical and military

Outside Plant (OSP) Construction

Chemical resistant, two colored tool control foam

All tools are stored in a chemical resistant, two colored tool control foam for optimal tool organization and zero FOD

FOD.png Tool Control Form 3 Tool Control Form 4

Tool Control Solutions are designed to eliminate Foreign Object Debris (FOD), reduce theft, and maintain professional and neat work areas.

For more than 60 years, professional field service technicians have trusted JENSEN for high-quality, field-trusted and quality-guaranteed tools and kits. This updated classic is a perfect example of our commitment to quality and originality that’s led to continued success.

Contact a JENSEN Tool Kitting/Control consultant at 1-800-225-5370 for additional information, or to request a quote.

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