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ESD Event Detection - Selection Guide

3- column Table
Continuous Monitor
Display Type 7-Segment Color Touchscreen LCD
Antenna Type
Local  Local + Remote Remote
Power Supply 9V Alkaline Battery Lithium-Ion Battery 7.5VDC Power Adapter
Counts Events CheckMark_BlueBox.png CheckMark_BlueBox.png CheckMark_BlueBox.png
Measures Events NO CheckMark_BlueBox.png CheckMark_BlueBox.png
Logs Events NO CheckMark_BlueBox.png CheckMark_BlueBox.png
Measures Static Voltage Field NO NO CheckMark_BlueBox.png
Measures Ionization Performance NO NO CheckMark_BlueBox.png
Relay Terminal NO NO CheckMark_BlueBox.png
Software Compatibility NO CheckMark_BlueBox.png CheckMark_BlueBox.png
Includes Certificate of Calibration NO CheckMark_BlueBox.png CheckMark_BlueBox.png
ESD Pro Event Indicator

EM Eye ESD Event Meter
EM Aware Monitor
EM Aware Monitor

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