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EOS/ESD Assessment

SCS EOS/ESD Assessments help identify if electrical overstress (EOS) or ESD events are occurring in your ESD Control Process. Tests and measurements can be performed throughout your entire process:

  • Receiving
  • Tool crib
  • Automated insertion
  • Manual insertion
  • Final assembly, testing, QC and packaging

Our Assessment Measures:

  • ESD Events:
    • Counts the Events during a given time period
    • Shows the magnitude of the event and will provide actual data
  • Electrical Overstress (EOS):
  • Ground Integrity
  • And more...

Example of actual feedback
Results from the SCS EM Eye

Examples of actual feedback from a SCS EOS/ESD Assessment Report

  • Two ESD events stronger than 50 volts CDM were observed at tool #5
  • An ESD event of 527 volts was detected at 2:23PM between the fluxer and wave solder machine
  • Bench 12 soldering iron is introducing more than 300mV of electrical overstress into the board, exceeding the recommended limit by IPC-A-610E

Check out our SCS EOS/ESD Assessment site and find out how to access this comprehensive Assessment