Loctite 88633 Precision Syringe Dispenser

Manufacturer Part Number: 88633
Part Number: 402-352
Shipping Weight: 7.00 pounds
Quantity Price
1 $2,221.22
2 - 4 $2,110.16
5 - 9 $2,087.95
10 or more $2,052.41
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Loctite Digital Syringe Dispensing System For more information about this and related products, see Digital Syringe Dispensing System.
Product Features
  • Precision air pressure regulator for precise application of small dots
  • Digital display of dispense pressure, 0-100 psi
  • Digital timer display, for precise timer settings
  • Vacuum suck-back feature to prevent dripping during idle time
  • "Stand-up" design, requires minimal bench space
  • Quick pressure setup feature
  • Process monitoring –air pressure sensor detects ± 10% variation from set pressure and alerts operator if detected.
  • Operates in a timed or continuous mode
Product Description
The LOCTITE® Digital Precision Syringe Dispenser 97006 accurately dispenses adhesives or other fluids, with viscosities ranging from water-thin to paste-like consistencies, for a variety of assembly and repair applications. It dispenses LOCTITE adhesive products packaged in 10, 30, 55, and 300 ml. syringes. This system is effective at delivering precise dots of adhesive in a timed mode, or can be used on demand for beads or potting, in a continuous mode. Typical applications are the assembly of electrical components, wire tacking, circuit board repair, and the locking of fasteners.

Loctite 8903551-97006 Precision Syringe Dispenser Datasheet