Conductive Totes

  • Stackable
  • ESD-Safe
Totes, dividers and covers are made of conductive black polyproylene material with a surface resistivity of less than 10^5 ohms/sq. Electrical properties are unaffected by solvents or humidity and totes do not outgas harmful contaminants. Totes can be divided into compartments by length and/or width, with optional dividers, at 1/4 intervals and come complete with snaps for card holder (sold separately). Optional covers protect product from impact, dust and chemicals. Snap-on style cover snaps easily and securely to grip tote box on all sides. Insert-style cover fits inside the container on the stacking ridge, ideal for stacking applications. Dividers and covers sold separately.
Part No.ModelInside LengthInside Dimension WidthInside Dimension HeightPrice
850MH0175DC1025-XL9.2 (Top), 9.1 (Bottom)6.5"2.4"$8.09
850ST035DC1035-XL9.2 (Top), 9.2 (Bottom)6.4"3.4"$8.79
850ST1156DC1050-XL9.3 (Top), 9.1 (Bottom)6.4"4.9"$10.98
850ST2025DC2025-XL14.8 (Top), 14.7 (Bottom)9.1"2.4"$11.71
850ST2035DC2035-XL14.8 (Top), 14.8 (Bottom)9.2"3.4"$12.55
850ST2050DC2050-XL14.9 (Top), 14.8 (Bottom)9.3"4.9"$14.53
850ST2060DC2060-XL14.9 (Top), 14.9 (Bottom)9.3"5.9"$15.40
850ST2070DC2070-XL15.0 (Top), 14.8 (Bottom)9.3"6.9"$19.05
850ST2080DC2080-XL15.1 (Top), 14.8 (Bottom)9.2"7.9"$20.14
850ST306DC3060-XL20.3 (Top), 20.1 (Bottom)15.1"5.9"$30.54
850ST3050DC3050-XL20.3 (Top), 20.1 (Bottom)15.1"4.9"$27.43
850ST3080DC3080-XL20.3 (Top), 20.1 (Bottom)15.1"7.9"$35.92
850ST3120DC3120-XL20.3 (Top), 20.1 (Bottom)15.1"11.9"$42.83