Kester 2331-ZX Water Soluble Flux Pen

Manufacturer Model Number: 2331-ZX
Part Number: 488CH450
Former Part Number: 171-586
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Product Description
Unique tool allows controlled application of flux eliminating the mess from flux bottles. Chisel point, spring loaded tip dispenses just the right amount of flux. Flux-Pen stops waste while limiting operator exposure to soldering chemicals. Kester 2331-ZX Flux-Pen is an innovation in organic acid, water-soluble flux chemistry for soldering circuit board assemblies. This unique, neutral pH chemistry flux provides the best ionic cleanliness of any organic water-soluble flux available to the electronics industry. This popular flux has been used for soldering critical assemblies in the computer, telecommunications and other industries. No offensive odors will be emitted during soldering. 2331-ZX will not create excessive foaming in standard water cleaning systems. Offers good soldering properties for improved productivity without sacrificing reliability of the assembly. This flux does not attack properly cured solder masks or FR-4 epoxy-glass laminate. 2331-ZX is not detrimental to the surface insulation resistance of the soldered assembly. Use of this flux minimizes cleaning costs while complying with environmental regulations.
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