Tamper-Proof Torx Screwdrivers

These drivers feature the unique hole in the end to accommodate tamper-proof Torx fasteners. Fits either standard or tamper-proof Torx fasteners.
Part No.DescriptionTip SizeBlade LengthPrice
1-029Tamper Proof TorxDriver Set 7-PC--$40.93
945-560Tamper-Proof Torx DriverTT72-7/8"$5.50
945-559Tamper-Proof Torx DriverTT82-7/8"$7.00
945-558Tamper-Proof Torx DriverTT92-7/8"$6.89
945-557Tamper-Proof Torx DriverTT103"$6.74
945-556Tamper-Proof Torx DriverTT153-1/8"$6.93
945-555Tamper-Proof Torx DriverTT203-1/4"$6.38
945-550Tamper-Proof Torx DriverTT253-3/4"$6.88